Monday, April 03, 2006

Denver Carlton AYER

Denver was born 16 AUG 1907 in Humboldt County, California, and died 14 DEC 1999 in San Bernardino, CA. His mother's maiden name was WOOD.

In the 1920 federal census, his family was in Emeryville, Alameda County, CA, at 4289 Watts Street. The head of household was mother Dorthy [sic] AYER, a widow, age 39, born in Engand. The census says she has no occupation and that she came to the US in 1906 but was naturalized in 1905. That's only possible if she was naturalized overseas. The children in the home are Denver, 12; August, 12; Dorthy [sic], 9; and Hazel, 6. They were all born in CA to a father from CA.

Dorothy H. AYER, sister of Denver, was born 19 JUN 1910 in Alameda County, CA. The index says her mother's maiden name was MOOD. WOOD is more likely. An unnamed female AYER child was born in Alameda County on 13 AUG 1906 to a mother named WOOD. I found no record of the births of August and Hazel.

The 1910 census of Ward 1, Oakland, Alameda County, CA shows John C. AYER (31, md once, 4 yrs), born in California to a father from English-speaking Canada and a mother from Virginia. He was a sailor on the "deep sea". His wife Dorothy F. (29) was from England, the mother of one child, Denver C., (2) who is recorded as a daughter.

Dorothy (the daughter) apparently married a Mr. LYMAN in California, as her death record shows that Dorothy Helen LYMAN, born 19 JUN 1910, maiden name AYER and mother's maiden name WOOD, died 21 MAR 1982 in Los Angeles.

Since we can't find relatives through Denver's siblings, let's try his father's family. They appear in the 1880 census of Bodega Township, Sonoma County, CA, in ED 132, page 23. The father is John AYER, age 39 (so born about 1841) in Canada to parents from Canada or Vermont. (Canada is written with VT above it.) The mother is Vesta, age 32, from Tennessee, with a father from TN and the mother's birthplace not given. The children were Helen G., age 2, born in CA, and our John C., age 1, also born in CA. We've seen what we can about John C.

In the 1900 census, the family was in Blue Lake Village, Mad River Twp., Humboldt County, CA, ED 29, sheet 11A. John AYER was born in JUN 1840 in Canada to parents from Vermont. He was a carpenter. He and Vesta have been married 23 years. Vesta was born APR 1848 in Tennessee to a father from Virginia and a mother from Tennessee. The children in the home are: Frederick G., JUN 1882; Thadius L., MAY 1886; and Edgar, SEP 1890, all born in CA.

In 1910, Vesta is a widow, age 61, in the Seventh Township of Contra Costa County, CA, ED 172, sheet 11B. With her are Thadios, 23, a carpenter, and Edgar N., 19, a clerk in a railroad office.

Edgar N. AYER, born 30 SEP 1890 in CA, died 11 JUL 1974 in San Francisco.
Frederick Yancy AYER, born 22 JUN 1882 in CA, died 10 JAN 1981 in Humboldt County, CA. His mother's maiden name was given as NICHOLS.

In 1930, Edgar N. AYER, 39 (married at 29), a printer of bill posters, born in California to a father from Canada and a mother from Tennessee, is in Burlingame City, San Mateo County, CA, ED 6, sheet 8B. With him are his wife, Helen C., 32 (married at 22), born in California to parents from CA, and their children, Eugene C., 8; and Barbara H., 5. Also in the house is brother-in-law Fred C. HOCK, 22, of CA. The other siblings aren't found in the index of the 1930 census.

Helen Claire AYER, born 25 JUL 1897 in CA, died 09 AUG 1980 in San Francisco. Her mother's maiden name was given as SCHROTH. Fred Charles HOCK, born 04 DEC 1907 in CA, died 28 MAY 1985 in San Mateo County, CA. His mother's maiden name was also given as SCHROTH.

Eugene C. AYER was born 30 APR 1921 in San Francisco County, CA. Mother's maiden name: HOOK [sic]. He died 12 OCT 1995 in Bozeman, Gallatin County, Montana. Barbara H. AYER, born 10 SEP 1924 in San Francisco County, CA. Mother's maiden name: HOCK.

That's a lot of information, but it hasn't given us a living relative to poor Denver. Here's hoping theat these pieces to a connection, so he won't be forgotten.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Patrick was born 17 MAR 1933, according to one public record, and was apparently named for the patron saint of the day, St. Patrick. In 2005 he was listed at 1746 West 127Th St, Riverdale, Cook County, Illinois. He died a bit later at home, at 16352 Orange Way, Fontana, (San Bernardino County), CA 92335. The Social Security Death Index says he was born 19 JAN 1933, which takes away the St. Patrick's Day connection, but adds that he got his SSN in IL before 1951. Twenty-five other BENTKOWSKIs got their SSNs in IL. Several were old enough to be the parents of Patrick.

There were 39 BENTKOWSKIs in the 1930 census of Illinois. All were in Cook County (Chicago area). The heads of household, and possible parents of Patrick, were: Andrew and Monica; Stanley and Antonia; Frank and Nettie (voted Most Likely parents); Anthoney and Julia; and Frank and Frances.

Let me know if any of this rings a bell.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Chauncey Aaron BENSLEY, born 19 MAY 1926 and died 05 JAN 2000 in El Monte, LA County, California. He was a veteran and was buried in the Riverside National Cemetery near Los Angeles. He got his SSN in Virginia before 1951.

He must be the little "Chuncey" BENSLEY in the 1930 census in Ward 7 of Schenectady, Schenectady County, NY, ED 42, sheet 3B. The household looked like this:
354 Schenectady Street
BENSLEY, Paul head, 27, married at 21, born in PA to parents from PA, "automatic operator" in the electric works.
BENSLEY, Ethel 27, wife, 27, married at 21, born in PA to parents from PA
BENSLEY, Madelyn H. dau, 6y 7m, born in NY
BENSLEY, Chuncey son, 3y11m, born in NY
SCHOONOVER, Harriet mother-in-law, 47, PA PA PA
SCHOONOVER, Aaron uncle, 48, PA PA PA, "cabin helper" in Cab?? Dept.

The 1920 census (ED 175, sheet 3B) shows Paul L. BENSLEY, 16, with widowed mother Elizabeth, 40, PA PA NJ; sister Helen B., 14; and brother Howard L., 12. There are BENSLEY families on both sides of them, including Joseph BENSLEY, 70, PA PA NJ; and his wife Melinda M., 75, PA NJ NJ.

That should be enough for anyone in the family to find a relationship. Let me know if a connection is made.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Jack BENDAT was born 06 JUN 1916 and died 15 MAR 1999 in Los Angeles, CA, according to the San Bernardino coroner's office website. He got his SSN in California before 1951. A Jack M. BENDAT enlisted (15 OCT 1943) in the army in World War II from Los Angeles. He said he was born in 1925 and that he was born in Illinois. He also said he was single, without dependents, and that he was a news photographer. His weight is given as 300 pounds, with no height recorded.

The Ancestry World Tree at shows Jack as born on 06 MAY 1925 in Chicago to Benjamin M. BENDAT and Frieda KORN. Frieda's ancestry is given partially, and the names indicate that the KORN family were Polish Jews. Benjamin M. BENDAT was born 19 JUL 1903 and died 13 MAR 2005 in Laguna Hills, Orange County, CA. This data as contributed by Holly JEBB ( on 13 OCT 2005. The birth and death dates for Benjamin were confirmed with the Social Security Death Index. He was 101 at the time of death.

The 1930 census of Chicago (ED 1061, sheet 9B) shows the little family. Benjamin BENDAT is 26, married at age 19 (so about 1923, in America), and the proprieter of a house furnishings store. He came to America in 1920 and has submitted his papers for naturalization. He and his parents are from Poland, and he speaks Yiddish (so he is also Jewish). Frieda is 27, married at age 20, and came to America in 1921.

If anyone is interested in the Ellis Island records of this family, let me know. And if this helps make a conneciton between Jack and his family, please tell me. I'll inform Holly JEBB directly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Charles E. BAXLEY

Let's see if we can provide enough information to make links to living relatives.

Our man was born 24 SEP 1921 and died 20 DEC 1999. The Social Security Administration said his last known residence was in Daggett, San Bernardino County, CA. The San Bernardino County Coroner says he died in the Bartsow Community Hospital in Barstow, CA. He was buried in the Riverside National (Veterans') Cemetery. The Social Security Death Index shows the deaths of 96 BAXLEYs in California alone. Several of them were in San Bernardino County.

The only match in the 1930 census is a Charles E. BAXLEY, age 8, in Sulphur Springs, Ohio County, Kentucky and can be found on sheet 9B. The family lived on the Dundee and Hartford Highway. The father, Charles C. BAXLEY, was 34 (so born about 1896), and married at 26. He was a tool dresser on an oil well rig. He and his parents were from Kentucky. His wife was Valeria, 25, married at 19, also from a Kentucky family. The children are our Charles E. (8), Wanda L. (5), and Anna K. (2).

Also in Sulphur Springs was the family of O. W. BAXLEY, on sheet 2A. The record shows "Mrs. O. W. BAXLEY", age 77 (so born about 1853), widow, married at age 20, born in KY to parents from VA.

The Kentucky Birth Index, available through, shows that our man was born 25 MAR 1922 to Salinia BROWN BAXLEY in Ohio County. That may have been a mis-read, as Wanda L. was born 30 JUL 1924 to Valeria BROWN BAXLEY, as were Anna R. on 04 JUL 1927, and Eugene H. on 22 SEP 1930.

The Social Security Death Index shows that Eugene H. BAXLEY, born 22 SEP 1930, died in JAN 1987 with a last known residence of Yucaipa, San Bernardino, CA. A look at phone directory indexes shows Eugene and wife Jeanette in Thousand Palms, CA in 1998-99 and then in Yucaipa 2000-02. That's interesting, given that Eugene died in 1987. Somehow, the SSDI is wrong. Here's proof: the obituary of Eugene H. BAXLEY was printed in The Ohio County Times News on 11 JUL 2002.
It reads:

"Eugene H. "Red" Baxley Eugene H. "Red" Baxley, 72, of Yucaita, California died Tuesday, July 2, 2002 at his home. The Ohio County native was born in Sunnydale, graduated from Hartford High School; always called "Hartford his home." "Red," as he was known, retired from Gellers Ready Mix, was a former fireman who pioneered in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, an Army veteran paratrooper of special forces in the Korean War and Vietnam, received several medals, including three Purple Hearts and the Silver Star. He enjoyed golf, fishing, University of Kentucky basketball and returning to Hartford to visit friends, teammates and classmates at the Hartford High School reunions. Survivors include his wife of 29 years, Jeanette Baxley; a son, Terry Baxley of Yucaita; a granddaughter, Sarah E. Baxley of Yucaita; a brother, Charles E. Baxley of Vandalia, Michigan; and a sister, Ann Harvey of Reno, Nevada. Memorial services will be held Thursday at Riverside National Cemetery. Expressions of sympathy may take the form of donations to the Hospice Association of Ohio County and/or donations of your choice. "

There's a mystery here! If our Charles E. BAXLEY, born in 1921 and died 1999 is named as a surviving brother in a 2002 obituary, we either have the wrong Charles E. BAXLEY, or the family didn't know about his death. Sure enough, the phone directory indexes show a Charles BAXLEY in Vandalia, MI until 2002. We're reseaching the wrong Charles E., and that's where we stop, fruitless.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Gino Isloindo BACHIOCHI

Gino was born about 1922, supposedly in New York, and died 22 DEC 1999 in Long Beach, California. Nobody claimed the body, and no next of kin were found. His last known address was 2451 Oregon Ave., Long Beach.

Gino was the son of Dedimo BACHIOCHI and Angeline ____________. In 1930, he was a 7-year old with his family in West Stafford, Tolland County, Connecticut. His birthplace is given as Connecticut. Dedimo is 41 (so born about 1889) and was married at 27 (or in about 1903). He was a wood cutter for a saw mill and came to the US in 1900 from Italy. Angeline was 36 (so born about 1894) and married at 23 (or about 1907—maybe Dedimo was married once before). She came to the US in 1905 from Italy. The siblings of Jeno are Thresia (22, CT), married to Peter NEGRILLE; John H. (12, CT); Nelson (11, CT); and Rosie E. (5, CT). Living in the same house is also grandma Ermenia BACHIOCHI. She was a widow, age 62 (born about 1868), married at 22 (or about 1890), who came to the US in 1903. There was also a BACHIOCHI family, headed by Antonio (58, so born about 1872, to US from Italy in 1903) and Emily (50, to US from Italy in 1906), with their children America (male, 22, CT) and Aldo (20, CT), in nearby Stafford Springs.

In 1920, the family of Dadimo [sic] BACCHIOCCHI [sic, again] was already in Stafford, Tolland County, CT. He was 31, and living with his parents and siblings as follows:
Zaffirino, 56; Arminia, 53; Dadimo, 31; Angeline (dau-in-law), 25; John (gson), 1y7m; Nello (gson), 4m; Louis, 24; Violet (dau-in-law), 23; Premo (gson), 2y6m; Bruno (gson), 5m; David, 20; Theresa, 12, CT. What a household! They lived on Cooper Lane. Zaffirino was a farmer, and the older boys worked on the farm. All had come to the US from 1903 to 1905, except the little ones born in the US. There were also a few other BACHIOCHI (or other spellings) families in the area.

Dedimo was born 25 APR 1889 and died in Willington, Tolland County, CT on 05 AUG 1970 at age 81. Angeline was born 28 JUN 1894 and died in Willington on 01 FEB 1974 at age 79. Arminia died in Stafford on 11 DEC 1854, a widow, at age 84. Grandson John H. was born 01 MAY 1918 and died 20 JUN 1988 in Stafford Springs. The others aren’t in the Connecticut death index or the SSDI under that spelling.

The Ancestry World Tree at shows Gino A. BACHIOCHI, born 31 OCT 1921 at St. Edward, Stafford Springs, Tolland County, CT. He married Claire BERARD (born on 04 JUL 1926 in Holy Family, Woonsocket, RI) on 07 APR 1956. She was the daughter of Arthur Albert BERARD of Rhode Island and Leontine CARTIER of Quebec, Canada. The submitter of this information didn’t give a name—just the initials “J B”—but gave the email address in AUG 2001. The information was mirrored in that database by Greg Cooper and Peter Collard in 2005 at and Both of these sources mention at least four children born to Gino and Claire but don’t provide names.

Anyone recognizing this family and wishing to connect the dots can contact those sources and Investigator Doyle TOLBERT, Los Angeles Co. Coroner at 323-343-0755.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Herbert ARL

Herbert was born 10 MAR 1929, according to the SSDI, and died 30 MAY 2003 in Palm Desert, Riverside County, CA. Nobody claimed his body. No next of kin were found.

The 1930 census shows Herbert ARL with his parents, Peter and Louise, in Melrose Park Village, Proviso Township, Cook County, Illinois. Peter was 40 (born about 1890), md at 33, and from Germany. He came to the US in 1913 and was an engineer in a packing house. Louise was 35 (born about 1895), md at 29, from Florida, as were her parents. The children, all born in Illinois, were Theodore, 6; Charlotte, 5; Eddie, 3y2m; and Herbert, 1y1m. The family's race is recorded as mixed.

The SSDI adds:
Peter ARL, born 09 OCT 1882, died FEB 1974 in Lakewood, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. he got his SSN in Illinois before 1951. The birth year is quite different from the census, but he's probably our guy. Theodore A. ARL, born 29 AUG 1923, died 19 OCT 1999 in Holiday, Pasco, Florida. Edward A. ARL, born 09 FEB 1927, died 02 MAR 2002 (after Herbert) in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois.

The obituary of Amanda Hope SKOLNICK (via from the Woodstock Independent of Woodstock, Illinois, dated 01 NOV 2003, names Theodore ARL, Marilyn ARL, and Janet L. (ARL) SKOLNICK, among others. Other sources show that Janet SKOLNICK is married to Robert SKOLNICK and still in Woodstock. There is more to this story; Amanda was a 20-year old student at the University of Iowa when she was killed in an accident.

There are relatives of Herbert ARL in Illinois. I leave it to family and friends to tell them about Herbert's death.