Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Edward Joseph APPIARIUS

Edward was born about 1922 and died on 09 MAR 1998 in Los Angeles. That much is learned from the San Bernardino site. They don’t even give his place of birth. It was Ohio. He was from a big family that shows up in the 1930 census of Columbia, Hamilton County, Ohio. He was Edward, Jr. Edward, Sr. was also born in Ohio, to parents from Ohio, and he was a truck driver, driving glass and china. The mother, Lula, was also from Ohio and of Ohio parentage. The children, in 1930, were William, 24; James, 22; John, 19; Edward (our man), 8; and Elizabeth, 14. It’s unusual for the census taker to list the children out of birth order unless there was a second marriage involved, or something like that.

The 1910 census shows there were more children: Edward, Sr. was then 29, Louise E. (Lula) was 26, Helen E. was 6, William S. was 4, and James H. was 2. They were in Harrison Twp., Hamilton County. He was a laborer in a horse plow factory and he said his parents were both from Indiana, though he was born in Ohio. Louise was born on Ohio to parents a father from Scotland and a mother from New York. Quite a change from 1930.
There was an Edward Joseph APPARIUS (note the spelling) in the World War I draft registration database at He was born 14 JAN 1881 and was from Harrison, Hamilton County, Ohio, so it is definitely our Edward, Sr. He was a grocery clerk for a William APPARIUS. He said his wife was Lula.

The California State Death Index shows several APPARIUS that were born in Ohio and died in Northern California. The oldest was Frederick Voss APPARIUS, born in 1891. I wonder if he was the brother of Edward, Sr.

After some digging, I found the family mis-indexed in the 1900 census. They were still in Harrison, Hamilton County, Ohio. William APPARIUS, born JAN 1852 in Indiana, married in about 1875; Elizabeth, his wife, born OCT 1855 in Ohio. She’s the mother of 4, but only 2 are living. William is a grocer (as we suspected) and son Edward, born JAN 1880, sells groceries. There is no other child in the house, but (in what we genealogists love to bits), the father of Elizabeth is there. He is Adam FOLTZ, born JUN 1827 in Germany and came to the US in 1829. He also works in the store.

Now let’s turn around and see if we can find out what happened to the siblings of our Edward, Jr.

James Harold APPIARIUS, born 09 DEC 1907 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; died 16 FEB 1998, at the age of 90, in a nursing home in Ohio. He was a US Navy veteran and married at the time of death. Did you see what I saw? He died 3 weeks before Edward.

William S. APPIARIUS, a resident of Campbell County, Kentucky, died in Bourbon County, KY on 21 JAN 1953 at age 47. (So he was born about 1906. Yep, that’s him.) An Alice B. APPIARIUS, resident of Campbell County, KY, died in Ohio on 29 APR 1989 at age 83. This must have been William’s widow. Kentucky borth records show there are still members of the family there.

Among the brothers, that leaves only John. A John APPIARIUS, resident of Hamilton County, Ohio, died in Cincinnati on 08 FEB 1970 at age 58. (According to the record in the 1930 census, he should have been 68, but that’s OK.)

Telephone directory listings show there are still several APPIARIUS families in the Cincinnati area. It’s sad they were so far removed from Uncle Edward that nobody claimed him when he died. If you know anybody in the family, please tell them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Walter Harold ANDREWS
Walter died in San Bernardino County on 31 JAN 2000 at age 87, so he was born about 1913, presumably in California. The SSDI says he was born 24 MAY 1912 and that his last known address was Los Angeles. The California Birth Index confirms his birth date, adds that he was born in Los Angeles County, and says his mother's maiden name was NELSON. The best candidate in the 1920 census is Walter ANDREWS, age 7, son of Ellen A. ANDREWS, a married woman living without her husband or any other children in Los Angeles. She was working as a nailed in a box factory. She was from Sweden. Walter and his father were from CA.
The 1930 census shows Walter H. ANDREWS, age 17, born in CA to a father from CA and a mother from Sweden, as a prisoner in the LA City Jail.
Walter had a rough life as a young man and died without a family to claim his body. Can you add any information to his story?
Barrett William ADAIR
Our second subject was born 04 MAY 1947 in Michigan and died 15 JAN 2001 in Los Angeles. He was a Private in the US Army during the Vietnam War, serving only from MAY-DEC 1967. He was buried as a veteran in the Riverside National Cemetery. If they knew he was a Vietnam veteran, why didn't they know more about him? That's all I could find. The Veteran's Administration will have more on him. Interestingly, there is no record of him in the SSDI.
Richard D. ABBOTT
Our first subject was 77 at time of death and was reportedly born in California. The only candidate I could find was Richard D. ABBOTT, son of John D. and Eleanor G. ABBOTT, born in about 1930 (age 3 months in the census dated 11 APR 1930) and living in Berkeley, Alameda County, California at the time of the 1930 census. John D. ABBOTT was the manager of a box lunch counter. He was 29, or born about 1900. He was from Scotland and came to the US in 1924. His parents were from Northern Ireland. Eleanor G. was 27, or born about 1902. She was England, with a father from India (under the British Raj?) and a mother from England. She came to the US in 1924, also. Richard D. was their only son.
The California Birth Index lists a Richard Dunbar ABBOTT, born 05 DEC 1929 in Alameda County. His mother's maiden name was MICHELL (though prob. MITCHELL). From the same index, we learn that Richard had a brother named Donald Waring ABBOTT, born 08 JUL 1932 in Alameda County. (Mother's maiden name again spelled MICHELL.)
We know that Richard in dead. What about Donald? There's no record of his death in California (1940-1997) or in the SSDI. John D. ABBOTT (the father) died 20 JUN 1961 in Santa Cruz County. His birth (in the CA Death Index) was given as 28 APR 1899 in Scotland, and his mother's maiden name was WARING. There was no record for the death of Eleanor, so she may have remarried before her death.
That's where the search hits a wall. If you have any leads on Donald Waring ABBOTT, age about 73, tell the coroner in San Bernardino (and info me).
To begin to do research on an individual on the San Bernardino County list of unclaimed dead (or any other unclaimed decedent), I need a minimum of information.
1) I need to know the complete name. Sometimes the list just isn't enough.
2) I must be able to link them to public records. If they are over 75, I might be able to find them on the 1930 U.S. Federal census, the most recent one available. I can cross-reference to the Social Security Death Index, which gives a clue where they came from.
This is why I have very few names to choose from. Woman are almost impossible to trace from the list alone because I can't be sure that the name given at time of death was a maiden name.
This first post serves to explain and introduce the blog. Many persons die unnoticed, without next of kin to claim the body. Officials attempt to find relatives but find none. This blog is an effort to find family for the unclaimed dead.

I thank the Coroner's Office of San Bernardino County, California. It was their site,, that gave me hope and a way to help. I'm sure they won't mind me borrowing a few of their words to promote their site and what it aspires to do.

"The purpose of this web site is to provide information to the public regarding a deceased loved one for whom next of kin has never been located. Coroner’s Departments, Medical Examiner’s offices and Sheriff’s departments throughout the United States oftentimes conduct an investigation for which a deceased persons identity is known, however due to various reasons, family member(s) could not be located... ANY AGENCY WISHING TO INPUT DATA INTO THIS SYSTEM IS REQUESTED TO E-MAIL THE CORONER AT: OR TELEPHONE HIM AT (909) 387-2981."

My goal is to take data from the San Bernardino site, and other other similar source that wishes to cooperate with me, and do research to place the dead in a family setting. I'm a genealogist, and my resources are public records available on the Internet.

If you know of any person or office that might want to cooperate in this effort, please let me know.